1.Test on impact to deformation of doors and windows of metro vehicle under different loads;载荷对地铁车辆窗变形影响的试验
2.Individualized Forms of Doors in Quebec area,Canada;加拿大魁北克地区户个性化设计的形式要素

1.Amen... Amen... Amen... Amen...阿……阿……阿……阿……
2.automatic top and bottom bolt底的自动
3.Which gate, the north or the south?哪个,北还是南
4.There are trapdoors, sliding doors, double doors, stage doors, prison doors, glass doors.还有活板、拉、双折、舞台、监狱、玻璃等。
5.Getting started with Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 入
6.arch of triumph(=atriumphalarch)凯旋
7.Gate, fire doors, extendable doors, security doors production.卷闸、防火、伸缩、防盗的生产。
8.There are four gates named South Gate , West Gate, North Gate and East Gate respectively.天坛一共有4个,依次为南、西、北和东
9.A small door or gate, especially one built into or near a larger one.小,边,尤指装在大上或大边的一种便
10.Don't forget to lock the door behind you, ie when you leave.别忘了出时把锁上.
11.Please go in the side door, this one is locked.请走边,这个锁上了。
12.There is another knock; I'll go and answer the door.又有人敲,我去开
13.We knocked the door, but no one answered.我们敲,但没有人开
14.There came a gentle tap on the door.上有了轻微的敲声。
15.Three times I've pulled the mother-fucker-urp back and forth from Qianmen to Pingzimen !竟说前到平则——嗝
16.The doorway was draped with a heavy curtain上悬有厚厚的帘。
17.Behind the door as it opens?开的时候在后边?
18.The door was off hinges.已经脱出了轴。

1.On philosophic theory and artistic conception of Chinese traditional gate culture;浅析中国传统文化的哲理与意境
2.Discussion on Rebuilding Front-gate of Gansu University of Technology;重建甘肃工业大学校的探讨
3)gas valve valve seat气门-门座
4)door to door门到门
1.Research on the History and Present Condition of Kadiriyah Yang-sect in Qinghai Area;青海地区嘎迪林耶杨宦的历史与现状调研
6)landing door jamb层门门套