1.This paper points out the defects in develop tourism souvenir in Xinjiang, such as lacking the regional feature, cultura character and artistic values,lack of varieties, poor bad packing and inconvenient transport.文章简要说明了旅游纪念品的概念及发展旅游纪念品的重要意义。
2.Olympic souvenirs mainly have three forms,just as the Olympic commemorative coins,commemorative issues in the Olympic Games and other types of Olympic souvenirs.奥运纪念品主要有三种形式:奥运纪念币、奥运纪念邮品和其他类型奥运纪念品
3.The current status of Taoist tourist souvenirs and the specific kinds of Taoist art form were analyzed.首先分析了道教旅游纪念品的现状,再具体对道教各种艺术形式进行分析,得出道教旅游纪念品的借鉴形式,最后运用现代设计的方法进行定位与整合,使道教旅游纪念品的开发适应市场的需求。

1.After lunch in the Souvenir Shop.午饭后在纪念品商店。
2.She received many birthday tokens.她收到许多生日纪念品
3.She spent the morning buying souvenirs.她上午去买纪念品了。
4.I bought a few trifles as souvenirs.我买了些零碎的纪念品.
5.a precious memento of happier times幸福时日的珍贵纪念品
6.Something given as a token of love, affection, or remembrance.信物,纪念品作为爱、喜爱或纪念的一种标志
7.The member of good m fwyn mory remembers to commemorate his friey with memorials.那位记性好的成员记得用纪念品纪念他的朋友。
8.Tourism Merchandise and Souvenirs:Discussion on the Conceptual Definitions and Local Features;旅游商品概念性定义与旅游纪念品的地方特色
9.The hunter kept the lion's skin and head as trophies.这猎人保存狮子的皮和头作为纪念品
10.A customer steps into the Tourist Souvenirs Shop,一位顾客走进旅游纪念品商店,
11.The White House gift shop sells a number of writing instruments.白宫纪念品商店出售很多书写工具。
12.a precious souvenir is worth seeing a hundred times.珍贵的纪念品,使人百看不厌。
13."Oh, well.... Guess I 'd better buy a souvenir for my family. "喔,那么我该为家人买件纪念品
14.Good afternoon, I'm looking for a souvenir for my wife.下午好,我想为妻子准备份纪念品
15.This is a souvenir that I am taking to Taiwan .这是我要带去台湾的当地纪念品
16.I still want to pick up a few gifts and souvenirs.我仍想挑几件礼物和纪念品
17.Posters, publicity photographs, and other movie memorabilia.海报,宣传画及其它电影纪念品
18.woven fabric pile of ramie (excl. carpeting)机织苎麻绒头纪念品物(不包括地毯料)

3)Tourist souvenirs旅游纪念品
1.Reiterate the development of tourist souvenirs in Jinhua;再论金华旅游纪念品开发
2.This article uses the market marketing study viewpoint, has with emphasis analyzed the sales strategy for tourist souvenirs of Shanxi province.旅游纪念品不同于一般的旅游商品,它是旅游风景区独特文化的载体,具有文化含量高,工艺性强,有纪念意义等特点。
3.To design tourist souvenirs which have a higher cultural and artistic connotation as well as the local charac-teristics from the angle of conception , shape , material, color and technique is the only way to make the mar礴t of the tourist products prosperous and raise their extra value.我国旅游纪念品的开发设计往往落后于旅游产业的发展。
4)Tour souvenir旅游纪念品
1.The development of tour souvenir is the weak point of China s tour industry,so how to change this situation? This passage will surround this question,on the basis of analyzing the present situation,disclose problems and raise the countermeasure and suggestion of developing China s tour souvenir.旅游纪念品是特色旅游商品,它是旅游景区独特文化的载体。
2.The subject starts with the problems in the process of Jiangnan Blue Calico tour souvenir design research and design practice.但我国旅游纪念品市场发展缓慢,旅游纪念品的设计水平滞后,已经不能满足国内外旅游者不断增长的需求。
3.The exploitation and consumption of tour souvenir constitutes a symbol communication system,which is closely related with designer,producer,merchant,consumer macro-economic policy and so on.旅游纪念品的开发和消费组成了一种符号信息传达系统,与设计者、生产者、经营者、消费者以及宏观政策、经济性等因素密切相关。
5)souvenir packages纪念品包装
6)tourism souvenirs旅游纪念品
1.The tourism souvenirs are commemorative commodities of local specialty, which were brought by travelers at the travel destination.旅游纪念品是旅游者在旅游目的地购买的、具有当地特色的纪念性商品。
2.Recently, tourism industry in our country has been developing greatly, but tourism souvenirs that could be taken as an important part of tourism merchandise was lagged within a long period and could not cater for the increasing demand of domestic tourists and foreign ones.我国旅游业近年来得到了很大发展,但作为旅游商品重要组成部分的旅游纪念品却长期滞后,不能满足国内外旅游者不断增长的需求,严重影响了我国旅游业的整体经济效益,成为旅游业发展过程中的薄弱环节。

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