1.The neo- sensation school writers find in the sexy stunners the material “ shocking” effectives which run out of control of the subjective desire.新感觉派在“性感尤物”身上发现了不受主体的主观欲望控制的物质力量的“震惊”效应,而这样的文学形象的出现脱离了当时上海的具体环境是不可想象的,她们的反叛是对那些想在大都会找到明确、稳定的空间形式的漫游者的报复。
2.Instead he developed his idea of modern "Shock" art, considering that the modern "Shock" art, which wa.结合当时的文化语境,他认为机械复制时代的到来,使得传统“灵韵”艺术渐趋消逝,取而代之的是现代“震惊”艺术。
3.With poetic thinking and literary philosophy discourse, Benjamin makes a proper response to the "fissure" of the age of art ,and he descrips how the traditional art with "aura" changed into modern art with obscure, "shock" style, and even develop into popular culture.他的许多原创性的概念,如“灵韵”、“震惊”、“寓言”、“复制”、“技巧”等,以全新的思维方式给西方文化理论和美学界带来了许多震惊

1.Used as an exclamation of shock or surprise用以表示震惊或惊奇
2."To thrill, startle greatly, or shock""使激动,震惊或震动."
3.He was shocked by the news.这消息使他感到震惊
4.He was afraid of shocking her.他担心会使她感到震惊
5.explode a bombshell干了一件使人震惊的事
6.Diana's death froze the nation;黛安娜的死令全国震惊
7.horrified, shocked, and terrified.恐惧、震惊、毛骨悚然。
8.She was shocked. "Change careers?她大大地震惊了,“改行?
9.The shock robbed him of speech.他震惊得说不出话来。
10.His cruelty and mercilessness are shocking.他的残酷无情令人震惊
11.How dreadful/appalling!太可怕了/令人震惊了!
12.What startling news!这消息多令人震惊啊!
13.The difficulty of the examination staggered me.考试的难度令我震惊
14.He could not sustain such a shock.他受不了这样的震惊
15.a sensational newspaper headline.使人震惊的报纸标题。
16.The incident astounds both China and foreign countries.这个事件震惊中外。
17.The news gave us rather a shock, ie rather shocked us.这消息使我们颇为震惊.
18.His initial reaction was one of shock.他最初的反应是震惊

To be startled or dismayed.惊愕或震惊
4)shock stoppage震惊停歇
6)A jolt;a shock.颠簸;震惊