1.Precision timing application of GPS in wide area power-anglemeasurement system in power system;GPS精密授时功能在电力系统功角广域测量系统中的应用
2.Method and Realization of Heading & Attitude Measurement and Positioning & Timing for Target Ship;一种靶船航向、姿态测量与定位、授时的方法与实现
3.Study on the Additional Spread Spectrum Modulation Technique in Low-frequency Time-code Timing Service System;低频时码系统附加扩频授时研究

1.Abstract: At present, the main means for time transfer are long or short wave, telephone, GPS, double star etc.文摘:目前,国内外时间传递方式主要有长波授时、波授时、话授时、星比对、PS时间信息。
2.Neon lamp countdown billboard based on GPS基于GPS授时的霓虹灯倒计时广告牌
3.Performance Analysis of Time Comparing System to NTSC国家授时中心时间比对系统性能分析
4.A Real-time Timing Mark Testing Method for Substation GPS Timed Device变电站GPS授时装置实时定时标检测方法探讨
5.the morning session上午的授课 (时间)
6.The normal teaching load of a full professor is eight hours a week.正教授正常的授课是为每周八小时。
7.He was afforded a certificate upon completion of his course of study.他结业时被授予证书。
8.Stigma receptivity and the optimal pollination period of Populus spp. (Section Tacamahaca)青杨派树种雌蕊柱头可授性及最佳授粉时期
9.An authorization rule timeout is required. Enter an authorization rule timeout value and try again.需要一个授权规则超时。输入授权规则超时值后再试一次。
10.she was diffident when offering a comment on the professor's lecture.在评价教授的演讲时她很胆怯。
11.burst or split open, as of flowers and seeds when releasing pollen or seeds.像花授粉或种子播种时爆裂或裂开。
12.The science fair culminated in the awarding of prizes.科学博览会在授奖时达到了高潮。
13.At present she's Professor of botany at Cambridge.这段时期她在剑桥大学当植物学教授。
14.an estate secured to a prospective wife as a marriage settlement in lieu of a dower.结婚时分授给未来妻子处理的财产。
15.That is when I started dreaming of franchising.就是在这个时候我开始设想授权经营。
16.The old professor employed much of his time in writing books.这位老教授把许多时间用于著书。
17.Dr Nash suffered from schizophrenia for a long time.纳什教授长时间患有精神分裂症。
18.One (1) copy of time sheets signed by the authorized representatives of both parties双方授权代表签署的"工时卡"一份

time service授时
1.Research on high precision common-view time service of double-star system;双星系统高精度共视授时技术
2.Research and Realization of Beidou Common-view Time Service Method;北斗共视授时技术研究与设计
3.Around the task of developing a time service signal unit for Shanghai Seacoast Broadcasting Station,the new international time signal format is introduced briefly,and a scheme for time transfer based on remote dial communication is presented.围绕着为上海海岸电台研制授时信号单元的任务,对新国际式报时格式作了简要介绍,提出了基于远程拨号通讯的时间传递方案。
3)time transfer授时
1.The technique for improving the “Beidou” positioning ability is presented through constituting the terrestrial improvement system, and the beacon synchronization of the improvement system with the “Beidou” one-way time transfer model is realized.利用“北斗”单向授时技术实现导航台时钟同步;采用CPLD器件设计同步脉冲提取电路及同步调整电路;利用直接频率合成技术产生高精度、高稳定度的扩频伪码时钟。
2.CompassⅠis a new Global Navigation Satellite System developed by china;it has communication and time transfer capability.北斗一号是我国自行研制的新型卫星导航定位系统,同时兼有通讯和授时功能。
3.The time transfer principle and character of compass I is introduced in this paper,the experimental results is analyzed to assess the time transfer capability of compass I.本文介绍了北斗定位和北斗授时的工作原理,并通过实验分析了北斗一号的授时能力。
4)GPS timer授时时钟
1.Objective:To research the zeitgeber property of acupuncture.目的:探讨针刺调整生物近似昼夜节律的授时因子性质。
6)time of insemination授精时间
1.Objective To study the relationship between different time of insemination,total motile spermatozoa number and pregnancy rate in IUI.目的 探讨在宫腔内人工授精 (IUI)过程中 ,授精时间、处理后A、B级精子总数与IUI妊娠率的关系。