1.Development and Review of the Theory of Administrative Cases;行政诉讼案件理论的发展与检讨
2.Analysis and Ponderation on the Case of Looking on Unconcerned to Others Danger in Chongzhou;崇州见危不救案件的分析与思考

1.pass judgment on a person [case]判决某人 [案件]
2.2,447 cases involving state compensation;审理国家赔偿案件2447件;
3.prima facie case表面证据成立的案件
4.Voices Against Roe: Rehnquist, Scalia and Thomas反对Roe案件判决的意见
5.officer in charge of case [OC Case] [Hong Kong Police Force]案件主管〔香港警务处〕
6.The case has been up before the High Court那案件已呈交高级法院。
7.There is a large backlog of cases to hear.有大量案件要审讯。
8.a lawyer specializing in actions for divorce or annulment.办理离婚案件的律师。
9.The counsel argued the case.辩护律师辩论案件
10.the aggrieved party,eg in a legal case受冤屈的一方(如案件中).
11.The area is prolific of crime.该地区多犯罪案件
12.litter trend analysis乱拋垃圾案件趋势分析
13.spy into a complicated criminal case侦察一桩复杂刑事案件
14.He is implicated in that crime.他与那宗案件有牵连。
15.Is crime on the decrease?犯罪案件是否在减少?
16.guilty of compounding a felony对重罪案件私了罪.
17.Fatal Cases Office [Labour Department]死亡案件办事处〔劳工处〕
18.disciplinary appeals惩戒方面的申诉案件

1.General analysis of some administrative penalization cases and the relevant proposals on the management related thereto对行政处罚案件的综合分析及管理建议
2.Comparing the legislation and practices of French law,this article holds that the subject of liability in medical damage cases in China should be medical institutions according to the theory of employer s liability.在借鉴法国法律规定和实践作法的基础上,探讨了我国医疗损害案件的责任主体,认为我国医疗损害赔偿案件应根据雇主责任,由医疗机构承担。
3.It is an important topic for the public security worker in higher learning institutions to safeguard life and assets of the undergraduates, improve the students awareness of safety, and curb the criminal cases on school campus.保护在校大学生生命财产安全,提高大学生安全防范意识,遏制校园各类刑事案件的发生,提出防范的措施与办法是高校保卫工作者必须深入研究的重要课题。
3)criminal cases刑事案件
1.A application study of Y-STR loci in criminal cases;Y-STR基因座应用于刑事案件的独特作用
2.On Judgement and Deduction to Criminal Cases Investigation on Forest Public Security;判断与推理在森林刑事案件侦查讯问中的运用
3.An inquiry of a simplified trial of common criminal proceedings trial procedure of criminal cases;刑事案件普通程序简易审研究
4)environmental case环境案件
1.The key environmental cases in Shenyang in 2006 are analyzed,based on which,co.对2006年查处的重点环境案件进行了剖析,针对沈阳市环境信访与投诉案件的形式和特点,提出了部门联合、污染治理技术筛选、源头治理、专项整治的措施和手段。
5)rape offender强奸案件
1.Objective To explore potential application of Diminished Criminal Responsibility Rating Scale(DCRRS) on rape offenders.目的探讨《精神病人限定责任能力评定量表》在强奸案件中的运用。
6)credentials archives证件档案
1.This article expounds the fundamental concept of the credential archives management and describes mainly the author s experiences and the methods in the dynamic management of credentials archives for medical instruments.本文阐述了医疗器械证件档案管理的基本概念,着重介绍了本人在多年实践工作中逐步积累的从事医疗器械证件档案动态管理的方法和体会。

案件1.有关诉讼和违法的事件。 2.泛指事件。