1.Study on the Slaughter and Processing Technique of Pigeon;乳鸽屠宰及加工技术研究
2.Study on poultry depilation during slaughtering process;屠宰过程中禽类脱毛技术的研究

1.post-mortem inspection [livestock]屠宰后检验〔禽畜〕
2.fit to kill, especially for food.适合于屠宰,特别是作为食物屠宰
3.calf dressing trolley牛犊屠宰加工小推车
4.Cattle in the stockyard are waiting to be slaughtered.围栏里的牛正等待屠宰
5.dehairing machine, industrial, for butchery工业去毛机,屠宰业用
6.The slaughter of a large number of animals.(对大量牲畜的)大批屠宰
7.cattle on the hoof:Live cattle.未屠宰牲畜:活牲畜。
8.To slaughter or prepare(animals) for market.屠宰为了买卖而宰杀或处理(动物)
9.long-handled axe-like tool used,esp formerly,by butchers for killing cattle by hitting them on the head长柄屠斧(尤指旧时屠宰牲畜用的).
10.Massive slaughter, as in war;a massacre.大屠杀大规模杀戮,如战争中的大屠杀;屠宰
11.a halal butcher;a halal label.按伊斯兰教规屠宰的屠夫;伊斯兰教合法屠宰标志
12.A firm that slaughters, processes, and packs livestock into meat and meat products.牲畜屠宰加工厂把家畜屠宰、加工并包装成肉和肉制品的工厂
13."dressing section, hall [slaughtering]: Area where excess fat and Bone is removed from a meat carcass."分割车间 [屠宰]:从屠宰后的畜体上剔除肥肉和骨头的车间。
14.Correlativity Analysis of Carcass and Meat Quality Performances of Lunong Synthetic Line No.2 Finishing Pigs of Different Slaughter Weights不同屠宰体重鲁农Ⅱ号猪屠宰性能与肉质性状的相关分析
15.An ax having a hammer face opposite the blade, used to slaughter cattle.屠斧一端有刃一端有锤面的斧子,用来屠宰牲畜
16.The Project Content: The land construction( treats butchers, slaughters, division, freezes workshop), the processing equipment for slaughters and the sewage treatment.项目土建(宰、宰、割、冻车间)屠宰加工机器设备、水处理。
17.a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass.从屠宰后的畜体上切下来的肉块。
18.The weather on the day of slaughter should also be considered.屠宰当天的天气情况也要考虑。

1.Finishing and Slaughtering Performance Tests of 12-month-old BMY Cattle;12月龄BMY牛的育肥及屠宰测定
2.The resource of microorganism contamination of animal carcass,bathing during animal slaughtering and animal carcass purifying were reviewed in this paper.减菌技术是冷却肉生产过程中的关键技术,综述了动物胴体的微生物污染来源及屠宰过程中的清洗与胴体净化,并对化学除菌、热除菌、辐照除菌、复合除菌法等分割肉除菌方式的应用作了简要介绍。
3.How to depilate the pork trotter and hog face entirely through the slaughtering process was a difficult problem,several depilatories permitted using in food industry were selected for studying on their depilating effect,using convenience and security.作者针对畜类屠宰加工中猪头、蹄等部位的小毛难以去除问题,从生产成本、脱毛率、使用方便性、安全性等方面对几种食品级粘合剂进行了筛选。
3)pig slaughter猪屠宰
4)slaughterhouse wastewater屠宰废水
1.Treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater using hydrolytic acidification and SBR;水解酸化+SBR工艺处理小规模养殖屠宰废水
2.The quick determination of organic index target in slaughterhouse wastewater;屠宰废水中有机指标的快速测定
3.Treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater by co-coagulation flotation-biocontact oxidation process;共凝聚气浮-生物接触氧化处理屠宰废水的研究
5)Sheep Slaughtering羊屠宰
1.New Zealand,one of the most important coun- tries in exporting lamb meat,is at lead position in sheep slaughtering and processing technology in the world.作为世界上羊肉最主要的出口国之一的新西兰在羊屠宰加工技术方面也处于国际领先的地位。
6)slaughter technics屠宰工艺
1.Effect of slaughter technics on dirp loss of chilled meat;屠宰工艺对冷却肉滴水损失的影响

屠宰1.宰杀(牲畜)。 2.指屠夫,刽子手。