1.The role of substance P in tears of dry eye and normal cornea and conjunctiva;干眼患者泪液和正常人眼角膜、结膜P物质的表达及意义
2.Protein changes in corticosteroid-induced ocular hypertension patient tear after laser keratorefractive surgery;准分子激光角膜屈光术后皮质类固醇性高眼压泪液蛋白变化的初步研究
3.Measurement of insulin level in tear with dry eye and normal individuals;干眼患者和正常人泪液中胰岛素含量的测定及比较

1.Clinical Observe and Several Indexes of Tear Secretion in Children儿童泪液分泌的几项指标与临床观察
2.Observation of Effects of Using Artificial Tears for Dry Eye Syndrome after Excimer Laser Subepithelial Keratomileusis人工泪液对LASIK术后干眼症的疗效观察
3.Objective To remedy lacrimal hypersecretion by procaine blocking lacrimal gland.目的 利用普羅卡因封闭泪腺治療泪液分泌过多症。
4.A Preliminary Study of Tear Secretion and Tear Film Function in Type 2 Diabetic Patients;2型糖尿病患者泪液分泌及泪膜功能的初步研究
5.Relationship between the Levels of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in Tears and Tear Film Stability after LASIK;LASIK术前后泪液中肿瘤坏死因子浓度与泪膜稳定性的相关研究
6.The effect of estrogen and androgen on lacrimal secretion and expression of apoptosis genes in lachrymal gland in ovariectomized rat雌雄激素对去卵巢雌鼠泪液分泌及泪腺凋亡基因表达的影响
7.Tear Film Changes after Closed Vitrectomy and Effects of Atrificial Tears on Tear Film after Vitrectomy;玻璃体切除手术后泪膜功能的变化和人工泪液对玻璃体切除手术后泪膜功能恢复的作用
8.Objective To analysis the tear protein component of severe xerophthalmia treated with submandibular gland(SMG) transplantation.目的分析自体颌下腺游离移植治疗严重干眼术后分泌的泪液蛋白成分及其与正常泪液的异同。
10.Aberrations in Dry Eyes and Changes after Instillation of Artificial Tears;干眼症的波前像差分析及人工泪液对其的影响
11.Discussing the Correlation between the Disease Type of Dry Eye Disease in Chinese Medicine with Some Targets on Tear;干眼辨证分型与泪液学若干指标的关系探讨
12.Clinical Evaluation of Combined Artificial Tears and Traditional Medicine for Menopausic Dry Eye;中药联合人工泪液治疗更年期干眼临床评估
13.The Study of Correlation between Variation of Tear Proteomics and Dry Eye人泪液蛋白质组份变化与干眼症的相关性研究
14.Study of tear function and functional visual acuity after LASIKLASIK术后泪液稳定性及功能性视力的研究
15.A novel solid lipid nanoparticles loaded in situ gel for CyA delivery and its lacrimal pharmacokinetics in rabbit tears环孢素A纳米粒-凝胶制剂的制备及兔泪液药动学
16.Tear dynamic changes before and after the surgery for conjunctivochalasis结膜松弛症手术前后眼表泪液动力学的变化
17.Effects of artificial tears on corneal thickness in adult myopia人工泪液对成年近视眼角膜厚度的影响(英文)
18.Dry eye is due to the abnormity of the quality and quantity of the tear liquid, which causes the instability of lacrimal film and ocular lesion, accordingly leads to ocular complaint.【中英文摘要】干眼是由于泪液的质和量的异常引起泪膜的不稳定和眼表损害,从而导致眼部不适。

1.Value of EGF in Tears after Excimer Laser Surgery;准分子激光术后泪液中EGF含量的实验研究
2.Clinic observation of detecting chlamydia trachomatis in tears by polymerase chain reaction;聚合酶链反应检测泪液中沙眼衣原体的临床研究
3.The relationship between the levels of sIL-2R in tears and tear film stability after LASIK;准分子激光角膜原位磨镶术前后泪液可溶性白细胞介素-2受体水平与泪膜稳定性的关系
3)tear fluid泪液
1.Methods The method of checking experiments was adopted to test the kinematic viscosity,concentration of the drug in tear fluids and irritation of chloramphenicol eye drops and chloramphenicol eye drops containing sodium hyaluronate.给家兔的2只眼结膜囊内分别滴入氯霉素滴眼液和含SH的氯霉素滴眼液各50μL,采集泪液测定药物浓度,对2种滴眼液做家兔眼刺激实验。
1.Function of Mucin5B and Mucin7 about Synergism and Supplement in Saliva and Dacryma;唾液和泪液中主要黏蛋白MUC5B和MUC7协同互补功能
5)artificial tears人工泪液
1.Study on preparation and quality control of succinyl-chitosan artificial tears eye drops;琥珀酰壳聚糖人工泪液的制备及质量控制
2.The effect of artificial tears on tear film changes after phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation;人工泪液对年龄相关性白内障术后患者泪膜的影响
3.Effects of artificial tears on the tear film after phacoemulsification;人工泪液对超声乳化术后泪膜的影响
6)tear protein泪液蛋白
1.Analysis of ocular surface and tear protein of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus;糖尿病2型患者眼表及泪液蛋白初步分析

人工受精与人工授精人工受精与人工授精artificial fertilization and artificial insemination 我国学者把“人工受精”与“人工授精”两名词区别开来:前者指人工体外受精而言,后者指把精液注入到妇女的阴道或宫颈管、宫腔内,使精、卵在体内相遇。人卵体外受精与胚胎移植后出生的婴儿俗称试管婴儿。