1.This paper analyzes the historical background and the characteristics of Flexible Study,discusses the explorations and fetters the universities have in the field of Flexible Study,and puts forward the guidelines for the application.文章浅析了弹性学习的时代背景和特点,讨论了目前高等学校在弹性学习方面的探索和所受到的羁绊,提出了试行的思路。

1.Out of control and no limits in sight如野马脱缰、无所羁绊
2.I have disencumbered myself from rhyme我摆脱了韵脚的羁绊
3.leisure means freedom from compulsion,休闲意味着摆脱了羁绊
4.the captivity of science and invention by business商业对科学和发明的羁绊
5.Now she had no ties on earth, and at last, she was free.如今她在世上没有羁绊,她终于自由了。
6."The twisted cord is put secretly in the earth to take him, and the cord is placed in his way."活扣为他藏在土内。羁绊为他藏在路上。
7.Arming the world is out of control and there is no limits in sight世界的军备供应如野马脱缰,无所羁绊
8.They is shackle by inherit convention.他们被家传的习俗所羁绊
9.TAKAHASHI: Friendship. The bond between one human being and another.高桥:友情,人与人之间的羁绊
10.Fetters and Countermeasures of High School English Teachers in Performing Teaching Reform;中学英语教师教学改革的羁绊及对策
11.The Fetter and Countermeasure of the Integrated Science Curriculum in China;我国综合科学课程发展的羁绊与对策
12.Tonight the surly bonds of earth seemed more surly than usual.今夜,地面上的羁绊象是比往常更为险恶。
13.-- After all, I should think you are able to free yourself.“总之,我认为你是能够在思想上挣脱羁绊的。
14.With God's help, I shall escape thee now!"有了上帝的帮助,我现在要逃脱你的羁绊
15.Then sometimes he hated her, and pulled at her bondage但另一方面有时他又恨她,想摆脱她的羁绊
16.Radical defect: (1)still be limited in naturalism human - nature theory;根本缺陷:(1)未摆脱自然主义人性论的羁绊
17.He began to have a new horror of winning, of the victories of untrammeled autonomy.他开始厌恶占上风,厌恶不受羁绊的自由。
18.Advantageous Civilization of Han Nationality:Fetter of Modernization Course in China“华夏文明优越”:中国近代化进程中的羁绊

art of trammeling羁绊艺术
3)twofold trammel双向羁绊
4)To shake off the yoke摆脱羁绊
5)To kick over the traces脱离羁绊
6)chain of love爱情的羁绊