1.A comparison of Thinprep and conventional smears;针吸液基薄片与传统涂片的对比研究

1.Comparative analysis of conventional smear and thin prepcytology test method in diagnosis of lung cancer液基薄片与传统手工涂片在肺肿瘤诊断的比较研究
2.Clinical Analysis of Liquid-based Cervical Smears Report of 1600 Cases新柏氏薄层液基宫颈细胞涂片1600例临床分析
3.The Clinical Value of Thin-layer Cytology Test and Sediment Section Examination in Screening of Sputum for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer痰液基薄层细胞学检查和沉渣切片法在肺癌中的临床诊断价值
4.Analysis on the results of liquid-based thinlayer cytologic preparation in cervical lesions of 760 cases宫颈病变液基薄层细胞学手工制片760例疗效分析
5.The Value of the Thin Prep Liquid-based Cytology Test in the Diagnosis of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia膜式液基薄层细胞制片技术用于诊断宫颈上皮内瘤样变的价值评价
6.A comparative study on thinPrep liquid-base cytologic test (TCT) examination and Papanicolaou smear in screening diagnosis of cervical disease screening液基薄层细胞学检测法和传统涂片法在宫颈癌前病变筛查中的应用
7.The break-up of the film or cap is no doubt caused by the collapse into drops of a sheet of liquid.薄膜或罩子的破裂毫无疑问是由液体薄片崩裂为小滴引起的。
8.Biodegradation of nicotine in tobacco extracts for making reconstituted tobacco by strain DN2菌株DN2对烟草薄片制备液中烟碱的降解
9.cover with flakes or as if with flakes.用薄片或似薄片覆盖。
10.Dynamic Analysis and Method of Preventing Damage on Thin-wall Liquid Resistance Chip of Liquid Circuit Block薄壁液阻片在液路板中的动态分析及防止损坏的方法
11.Having, composed of, or arranged in lamellae.薄片的有薄片的、由薄片组成的或按薄片排列的
12.Preparation of Nano-(Micro-) Crystal Thin Films on Self-Source Substrate;反应性基片上制备纳米(微米)晶薄膜
13.Preparation and Properties of Ba_(0.6)Sr_(0.4)TiO_3 Thin Films Grown on LaAlO_3 (110) SubstratesLaAlO_3(110)基片上BST薄膜的制备及性能研究
14.Amino Resin Emulsion for Artificial Board Covered with Sliced Veneers刨切薄木复合人造板用氨基树脂乳液
15.The comparison of Liqui-PREP technology and VCE smear technology利普液基细胞学制片与VCE抹片的比较
16.To split into thin layers or sheets.分成薄片切成细小的薄层或薄片
17.A thin sheet of natural or synthetic material that is permeable to substances in solution.膜由天然的或合成的材料制成的薄片,可允许溶液中之溶质通过
18.CGC Determination of Camphor, Menthol and Borneol in Electric Heating Air Cleaning Disinfectant电热空气清新消毒液中樟脑、薄荷醇和冰片的气相色谱法测定

Thin-layer smears液基薄层涂片
3)liquid-based/thin-layer cytological test液基薄片细胞学
1.Evaluation of liquid-based/thin-layer cytological test in cervical cancer screening;液基薄片细胞学检查在宫颈癌筛查中的应用
4)liquid-based cytology test液基细胞薄片
1.Histological examination results were used as gold standard to evaluate the diagnostic value of CellSlide TCT.目的探讨CellSlide液基细胞薄层涂片技术(Aud it D iagnostics,爱尔兰)对早期子宫颈癌及癌前病变筛查的可行性。
6)thin substrate薄基片

浓氯化钠注射液 ,高渗氯化钠注射液,高张氯化钠注射液药物名称:浓氯化钠注射液英文名:Injection 10% Sodium Chloride别名:浓氯化钠注射液 ,高渗氯化钠注射液,高张氯化钠注射液外文名: Injection 10% Sodium Chloride, Hypertonic saline适应症: 用于脱水症及调节体内水与电解质的平衡。 用量用法: 静脉滴注,临用前稀释,用量与浓度视病情需要而定。 注意事项: 心、肾功能不全者慎用。 规格: 注射剂:1g/10ml,本品为氯化钠的高渗灭菌水溶液。 类别:调节水、电解质及酸碱平衡药