1.Substituting domestically made crane hook steel wire for one imported from ECL;进口ECL天车出铝钩钢丝绳国产化替代
2.Analysis for Importing Coking Coal Influenced on Chinese Coal Market;浅析进口炼焦煤对中国煤炭市场的影响

1.import levy进口税收、征收进口
2.(a) the cost of transport of the imported goods to the port or place of importation;(a)进口货物运至进口港或进口地的费用;
3.China has a trade surplus of 8 billion US dollars.进出口相抵,出口大于进口80亿美元。
4.an import export ] list进口出口]商品目录
5.A balance-of-trade deficit, ie when a country's exports are worth less than its imports贸易赤字(进口多於出口)
6.import substitute and export substitute进口替代与出口替代
7.Decline in exports and growth in imports.外贸出口下降、进口增长。
8.The act or occupation of importing goods or materials.进口商,进口进口商品或材料的行为或职业
9.(b) "country of importation" means country or customs territory of importation;(b)“进口国”指进口的国家或进口的关税领土;
10.Scheduled Import in Tones per Year预计进口量(吨/年)
11.Patents: Importation of Articles;专利:物品的进口
12.The government has imposed an import quota on car .政府对汽车进口实行进口配额。
13.a temporary admissio临时免税进口,暂时批准进口
14.a temporary admission"临时免税进口,暂时批准进口"
15.it shall approve of the import record keeping and issue a Notice of Customs Clearance for Imported Drugs.准予进口备案,发出《进口药品通关单》。
16.The importer is protesting against the ban on luxury goods.进口商抗议奢侈品进口的禁令。
17.Article9 No goods that are prohibited from importation may be imported.第九条属于禁止进口的货物,不得进口
18.Imported taxable consumer goods shall be subject to tax upon import declaration.进口的应税消费品,于报关进口时纳税。

1.First,the paper analyzes the status quo of Chinese imports of waste paper in large quantities,including the features and causes of waste paper imports.中国是世界进口废纸第一大国。
2.China’s imports of logs 3215.2006年,我国进口原木3215。
3.This article established a function model of endogenous growth with transitional dynamics, and analyzed the contribution of imports to economic growth in China from empirical angle during 1979-2005.利用具有转移动态的内生增长函数模型,对我国1979~2005年间的进口贸易对经济增长的促进作用进行实证分析。
1.Brisk domestic synthetic fiber market was seen in the first half of 2000 owing to the newly added production capacity and growth of importation.2 0 0 0年国内合纤市场新增能力投产集中 ,供应量和进口增长较快 ;上半年市场成交活跃 ,下半年旺季不旺 ,第四季度合纤销售价格连续下跌。
2.Objective:The importation of medical equipment is related to much national regulation and law about the management of the importable material with its special demand.目的:由于医疗器械的进口涉及到国家诸多进口物资管理的规定和法律规范,有着其特殊的要求,为此在医院医学工程科需有专门的医疗器械进口采购技术管理规范。
1.Investigation on Additive of Kojic Acid in Imported Cosmetics;进口化妆品曲酸添加情况的调查
2.Comparative Study of Homemade and Imported Materials in Cervical Cytological Test;应用国产与进口耗材行宫颈液基细胞学检查的对比研究
3.A comparative study on imported and domestic low-molecular weight-heparin calcium in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome;国产与进口低分子肝素钙治疗急性冠脉综合征的对照观察
1.Optimization of conjunction for bank slope at inlet of spillway tunnel of Heihe Reservoir;黑河水库溢洪洞进口岸坡连接型式优化选择

进口  与出口相对应.是指从国外购买货物或技术到国内的贸易行为.★据海关统计,2005年全国实现进出口总值14221.2亿美元,同比增长23.2,其中:出口7620亿美元,增长28.4;进口6601.2亿美元,增长17.6;进出口顺差1018.8亿美元,增长217.4。★2005年青岛市进出口总值304.55亿美元,同比增长25.2。其中:出口175.88亿美元,同比增长26.4;进口128.67亿美元,同比增长23.5。2005年进出口总额为2000年的2.8倍。★2005年莱西市进出口总值126804万美元,同比增长16.5。其中出口81593万美元,同比增长25.3,;进口45211万美元,同比增长3.4。