1.Studies on tissue culture with ovary of lily Conca D or;木门百合子房组织培养研究
2.Study on Ovary Culture in vitro of Lilium longiflorum;麝香百合子房离体培养的研究
1.The Symbols of the House in A Lost Lady;《一个迷途的女人》中房子的象征意义
2.A Big House in the Mountain——Tan-nan Primary School by Le-jin CHIANG;山上的“大房子”——姜乐静的“潭南国小”

1.Shoot a tenant out of his house把房客赶出他的房子
2.The roof of the old house collapsed.这座旧房子的房顶坍了。
3.The garage is behind the house.车房在房子的后面.
4.A bungalow is a type of house.平房是一种房子式样。
5.It's difficult to sell a house with a sitting tenant.住着房客的房子很难卖.
6.The house was winged on the left side.房子的左边造了厢房。
7.A detached house is one not joined to another one.孤立的房子是一个不同其它房子相连的房子
8.My house is large, but his is as large again (as mine).我的房子大,可是他的房子有我房子的两倍大。
9.A wing of a building at right angles to the main structure.厢房与正房成直角的房子
10.What about the house in Mount Kisco?在Mount Kisco的房子
11.Whoosh! The straw house falls down.呼! 稻草房子倒了。
12.Most people opt for buy their own home rather than rente them.大多数人愿意买房子而不愿意租房子
13.Their house is opposite ours .他们的房子在我们房子对面。
14.Her house is opposite to mine.她的房子在我的房子对面。
15.They set fire to the house, and it was burnt to the ground.他们放火烧了房子,房子被烧光了。
16.They planted trees in the intervals between the houses.他们在房子房子之间种上了树.
17.How does your new house compare with your old one?你的新房子和旧房子比起来怎么样?
18.There are always some @vacancy@ signs in front of the buildings.房子前面通常都有“空房”的牌子。

1.The Symbols of the House in A Lost Lady;《一个迷途的女人》中房子的象征意义
2.A Big House in the Mountain——Tan-nan Primary School by Le-jin CHIANG;山上的“大房子”——姜乐静的“潭南国小”
1.Building Vs.Drama On Design of the Drama-Art College,Shenyang Normal University;一个房子、一场戏 沈阳师范大学戏剧艺术学院
2.This paper recounts how an examination paper named "from a Building to a translunary city" came into being, expatiates the author s opinion and practice about architecture and teaching, then introduces an example of this course.本文通过一份“从一座房子到一座虚构之城”的试卷的命题过程,叙述了作者对建筑及建筑教学的思考与实践并具体地介绍了一个课程的实例。
4)mortgage a house抵押房子,典房子
5)ovary culture子房培养
1.F1s between rape-radish with Chromosome D addition lines and Brassica oleracea were obtained through ovary culture to overcome cross-incompatibility.以甘蓝型油菜-萝卜d染色体附加系为母本,甘蓝为父本对其进行种间有性杂交,通过子房培养克服杂交障碍,获得F1杂交后代。
2.) were reviewed in the paper,including anther culture,ovary culture and induction of haploid obtained by irradiated pollen.综述了黄瓜作物单倍体育种的研究进展,包括花药培养、未授粉子房培养,辐射花粉诱导单倍体培养在黄瓜育种中的应用;总结了近年来所采用的黄瓜染色体倍性鉴定方法和加倍技术;讨论了目前这些领域存在的问题和今后的研究方向。
3.During the ovary culture, the ovary growth amount is the largest while the amount of embryos and seedlings is the most in the treatments of ovaries excised 6~8 days after pollination.结果表明在子房培养中,以授粉后6~8d处理的子房生长量最大,成胚数和成苗数最多。
6)ovary locule子房心室
1.Relationship between ovary locule formation and content of related metabolites of stem apices during floral bud differentiation stages in tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) seedling;番茄子房心室形成与花芽分化期幼苗茎尖相关代谢物质含量的关系

子房子房 解剖名。见近代严鸿志《女科精 华·卷下》引美医妥玛氏《妇科精蕴》。亦称子宫房。即子宫体。可参子宫条。